Smooth the transition.
Combat isolation.
Improve retention.

Umii connects like-minded students from the day they firm their offer until the day they graduate.

Students are looking for new ways to connect

Our research has shown students want a safe and reliable way to connect, digitally. 74% of students use Facebook groups for this purpose. 80% of students believe that it should be the university’s job to provide a way to connect students before they start their course. Umii connects like-minded students, preventing isolation and creating a community in which people can thrive.



Happier student

How it works

  1. The Introduction

    Everyday, students are presented with 10 like-minded others by our algorithm.

  2. Our Algorithm

    Our innovative algorithm takes into account our students’ year of study, interests, course and society preferences to create meaningful connections.

  3. Their Conversation

    We encourage students to chat by providing 48 hour windows to start conversations, without which connections expire.

The bigger picture really matters

Create worry-free introductions

Allow peer-support networks to grow

Reduce the risk of isolation

Prevent poor mental health

Improve retention

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