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Supporting students and applicants so no one feels lonely or isolated.

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Worried about student loneliness & its impact on retention & engagement?

Umii is a simple and interactive solution that helps students to stay connected.

Why universities & student unions love Umii

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We improve your student satisfaction & retention

Umii sends students 3-5 matches daily based on users’ similar interests and course types – helping even the less outgoing students to connect and build friendships. In fact, 62% of students said Umii helped them feel less lonely and isolated at university!

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You provide a safe & secure place to socialise

Umii takes safeguarding very seriously. Once partnered with us, access is restricted to your student domain holders or applicant email addresses only. Only verified users can access the app, decreasing the risk of scammers, promoters and catfishers which are rife on WhatsApp chats and Facebook groups.

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Umii university mental health and wellbeing support resources
Your mental health & wellbeing support resources at their fingertips

The app also includes a list of contacts to mental health and well-being resources specific to each student union and university. No matter what time of the day it is, you’re there when they need you most.

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More features you’ll like

Umii ambassadors
Umii ambassadors

University and Union staff representatives can create their own Umii profile. Meaning, they are always on hand to answer any student questions.

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Umii ice breakers
Ice breakers

It can be a scary thing introducing yourself to someone new! Umii has icebreaker questions to help your students to make the first move.

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Umii student insights
Student insights

You get monthly reports of your overall students’ usage (total number of new users, connections made and messages sent between your students).

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Umii applicant access
Applicant access

Improve your recruitment process and make prospective students feel part of the community before they arrive. Activate for applicants today!

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Umii is helping universities and student unions in the UK to combat isolation and loneliness.


of students believe Umii helped them make friends


felt less lonely when using Umii


said they felt a greater sense of belonging

Figures from Umii’s 2021 annual survey with university partners

But don’t take our word for it, hear what our University partners have to say about us…

Activate Umii at your university

Supporting students and applicants so no one feels lonely or isolated.

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Umii is simple & easy to use

Students can set up their own profile in minutes:

  1. Download the app
  2. Select their uni
  3. Add their course, interests and societies
  4. Build their profile
  5. Verify their university email or university enrolment
  6. Get new matches every day and build meaningful relationships!
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Alex Bone

“This is a really fantastic resource. Supporting student friendships and creating a sense of belonging plays a big role in our 2021-24 Union strategy. This guide has helped how we approach tackling student loneliness and we’re already seeing some really positive results across campus - thank you!”

Alex Bone Director of Communication


Umii is simple & easy to use

This webinar will provide higher education leaders, educators, mental health leads, SU heads and wellbeing practitioners with advice and practical guidance on tackling student loneliness to promote well-being and help improve student experience.

Learn from some of the top experts in the field how to effectively address student loneliness.

Discover the key strategies to create a supportive and positive learning environment for your students.

Find out why it is crucial to reduce the stigma around loneliness and encourage students to express their emotions freely.

Gain the skills and knowledge to help lonely students cope with their difficulties and challenges.

Understand the benefits of adopting a holistic and inclusive approach to foster a sense of belonging and connection among all students.

Combatting Student Loneliness

Tips and Best Practises for Improving Student experience